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ArtsCultureIndicator2014Cover100pixW Civic Vitality Community Indicator Executive Summary, 2015
ArtsCultureIndicator2014Cover100pixW Arts & Cultural Heritage Community Indicator Report, 2014
HealthyCommunitiesIndicator2013Cover100pixW Healthy Communities Indicator Report, 2013
HumanCapitalDevIndicator2012Cover100pxW Human Capital Development and Education: Early Childhood, K-12, Workforce Preparedness, 2012
QualityOfPlaceWaterGreenBuildings2010Cover100pixW Counting on Quality of Place: Water Quality, Green Buildings & Water Supply, 2010
QualityOfPlaceAirParksTrees2009Cover100pixW Counting on Quality of Place: Air Quality, Parks & Trails and Trees, 2009
QualityOfPlace2007IndicatorCover100pixW Counting on Quality of Life: An Environment Indicator Report, 2007

Additional Downloads
City of Houston Houston Arts and Cultural Plan, 2015