Distribution of Resources Sources of Revenue & Support Cultural Spending

Funding Indicators: Distribution of Resources

The health and dynamism of a creative community depends on the presence of a diverse ecology of organizations that can fill a variety of cultural niches. The most vibrant regions boast a wide variety of arts and cultural organizations, differing in size, age, and mission, as well as the audiences they serve. Looking at the distribution of financial resources across arts and cultural organizations within a region may thus indicate the breadth of a region’s cultural scene and offer insight into where gaps may exist that require attention. More below…

As such, the data presented here illuminate how increases in financial resources (program revenues and contributions) and expenditures for arts and culture organizations have been distributed from 2000 to 2010. These figures were calculated by first determining the absolute dollar amount of the change in program revenues, contributions, and expenditures among cultural organizations in each of our comparative regions. These additional funds were then sorted into percentile ranges to determine how these resources have been divided among organizations. The analysis here breaks the increases down according to the 95th percentile (top 5%), 75th to 95th percentile (the next 20%), and the remainder (the bottom 75%). For our analysis we defined the “middle range” of cultural organizations as those falling between the 75th and 95th percentiles across the financial measures.